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e² Young Engineers introduces RoboLEGO, an enrichment program which offers your child a ticket to the exciting world of LEGO® robotics

During each lesson children will build a different LEGO® model and program it according to the required functionality. Children will be introduced to theoretical and practical aspects of mechanical and software engineering.

The course enhances algorithmic thinking and implementation using the LEGO® WE-DO programming language. The course highlight is reached when students plan and prepare a software and mechanical engineering project, using the building, programming and presentation skills learnt throughout the course.

Suitable for: 3rd-6th grade students or graduates of one of the Young Engineers mechanical engineering programs

Average lesson duration: 75 min.

Robolego Course Objectives

  • Studying principles of software engineering and developing algorithmic thinking
  • Developing orientation skills and applying mechanical engineering principles
  • As in the private sector, children will practice working in teams
  • Developing procedural thinking and critical thought
  • Developing problem-solving capabilities

Theoretical Study Material

  • Programming principles: Input and output, functions, loops and variables.
  • Algorithmic thinking.
  • Use of sensors.
  • Use of the WE-DO programming environment.
  • Using computer applications: Internet, information search, preparing presentations (Power Point).

Added value for Robolego participants

  • Developing the ability to creatively solve problems
  • Developing algorithmic thinking
  • Getting to know mechanical and software engineering terminology
  • Efficiently working in teams and jointly coping with challenges
  • Improving spatial vision
  • Submitting a final project

We will examine and build

  • Park rides
  • Facilities for improving human life
  • Gadgets and games